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A Word from Helen

Hi Everyone and welcome to the very first edition of Artopia News. Here you can find out what has been going on and what will be happening at Artopia as well as related evnts and information. A regular newsletter is something I have wanted to issue ever since I began Artopia. Sometimes, these things take time! Now that I have Sarah Jones on the Artopia team this has finally become a reality. Sarah is a fantastic additon to the team, helping me to organise the classes and workshops, taking bookings and all those other time consuming things that I never seem to get time to do.

Finding time for everthing is always difficult. Many of us are juggling work, time with our families, community responsibilities, relationships, social engagements and more. Many people ask me how I get the time to make my own art. Sometimes it's not easy, but the trick is to prioritise things and work out what things in your life are truely necessary. I consider finding at least a little time each week to create my mosaics or sculptures, an absolute necessity. This means some other things are postponed (and for me thats usually adminstraion duties or housework.) Do you ever feel that you are always putting what you really want to do on hold? Like your mosaics or your art? Is it time to move time for your creative pursuits higher up on your list of priorities? Whether it is a weekly class, or in the corner of your kitchen, set aside some time. Lay out your materials and just begin. Who knows where it will lead....

Welcome to the following new Students.....................

And thank you to al my wonderful students who return to classes and workshops year after year.

June Newsletter


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