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Artopia Mosaics & Sculpture

& Artopa Angels

Artopia Angels Inc

Artopia Angels began organically, during a holiday in Bali, with a few cats who needed caring for because their owners were too poor to vaccinate and desex them and were overwhelmed with kittens. From there, we also began helping the families with money for medical attention and education, as times were tough for many. When Coivd hit, so many families became desperate for food aid. Those who had jobs in tourism simply had nothing to fall back on, and government aid was either non existent or very spartan. We, along with many other caring people, began organising food aid to help our Balinese friends through this crisis. 

Many Balinese people began returning to their villages and growing rice, but those who live in urban areas are still unable to grow their food and try to seek work, if they are lucky they may pick up some casual labouring for as little as $1 a day. 

We have supported several families through this crisis and have saved lives when illness has hit and they have no money for medication. 

One of the women we support is a rescuer of animals. She lives in a  small village and has little for herself but continues to rescue animals. We help her in these efforts, but without enough funds to support the people, some of the animals have since died. 

Our long term goal is to open an animal rescue centre where we can employ our families so that they earn a wage rather than rely on handouts. That way, they get their self respect back. In the meantime we have set up a sponsorship and donation programme. Every single cent of your donations and sponsorship money goes to the families or specified cause. We do not use any of this money for admin fees and all of us who work for Artopia Angels are volunteers. 😊

Click here to take you to the sponsorship page.